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Are two Twitter Polls Answer Options Enough?

Among the leading concerns by Twitter users, regarding Twitter polls is the fact that it allows for two answer options only. A good number of marketers have expressed their dissatisfaction with this requirement because it does not allow them to go into the details of the information they require from their audience.

With the currents mechanism in place, users can only require for a simple Yes or No answer to their questions or ask their audience whether they prefer X over Y or the other way round. This being the case, poll creators on this social media platform are restricted to the type of questions they can ask in these polls. Twitter could have opted for this approach for technical reasons or because of another reason, but this decision is very interested.

While Twitter polls was a good addition to this platform, the fact that it allows for only two answer options has continued to raise questions.  This subject has also received mixed reactions by users across the globe.