When should you post Instagram photos for maximum free likes?

Did you know that the timing of your instagram posts do affect how many likes you get? If you have never noticed, read the article below to learn more. Research shows that most photos posted in the middle of the day are likely to get more likes than pictures posted early in the morning. And of course it is obvious that pictures posted late in the night receive very few likes. The reason behind the phenomenon is how people’s schedules actually look like. In the morning, people commuting to work are less likely to look at instagram posts. During midday, most people might be enjoying lunch break, or they might be bored and surfing the net. At such a time, your most glamorous photos are likely to receive the highest number of free likes.

Posting your pictures at the right time is also very influential on the reception you get from your followers. During popular events like Christmas or valentine’s days, your pictures are also more likely to receive higher number of likes than normal occasions. And finally, always avoid posting pictures on Friday and Saturday nights if you are after likes. After all, most people will often be clubbing or enjoying themselves elsewhere.