Getting Many Snapchat Views From People You Know

On joining snapchat, it only makes a meaningful sense of engagement if you get adequate snapchat views from your friend on snaps or videos you are sending. It is disturbing especially if you are getting them from strangers on the site. The fear of being stalked come in especially if they are persistent in viewing whatever you are sending. You decide to block them from your timeline and then what next? You need to look for new friends. But from where? Worry not because you can get them in simple steps and known platforms like those shown below.

To find friends, go the add friends options and click on it. This will give you a menu with many options to use in adding friends. The common one is adding using the username. This is if you know your friend’s username. Once you type, all names closer to that will be displayed and once you identify it, tap the + button. You will have added them. You can also import from the contacts in your phonebook if they on snapchat. Just complete by tapping on the + button. The other simple way of adding friends is searching those near you. The results only display those in the location you searched for. After all, these, wait for them to accept before you get any snaps from them. More engagements will occur from the snapchat views with people you know.